Working for workers.

Why I'm Running

Our working class is doing too much for too little. The time has come to Raise the Wage. I have been fighting for Raised Wages since I got involved in local politics, and will continue until everyone can have a Fair Wage.

By raising the minimum wage to $15/hour—while addressing the benefits cliff—we will put more money into the pockets of workers, who are the backbone of Franklin County, this will bring more money into the local economy, and help all workers.

Health care is a right, not a privilege.

I have seen many Franklin County Families almost bankrupt because of healthcare costs. Vermont must have a healthcare system that is financed publicly with strong, transparent government regulation that allows for robust public engagement. Big insurance companies profit by denying access to necessary care.

Adopt paid family and medical leave.

Many people in Franklin County are only one unexpected medical incident or ailing family member away from economic hardship. Passing a paid medical and family leave insurance program will result in a stronger workforce, and will help attract more people to the state.

America is one of the last nations to adopt paid family and medical leave—it's time we catch up to the rest of the world.

Clean water, not green water.

Having clean lakes is essential to tourism, a strong economy, and recreation. We must act now to clean up Lake Champlain. While working to reverse the pollution in Lake Carmi. While also healing all the rivers and streams that feed into them.

We need to support people, businesses, and farms in their efforts to eliminate pollution, while also investing in infrastructure and clean-up efforts. Healthy lakes help everyone.

Embrace cannabis reform.

The time for a taxed and regulated cannabis environment is here, and much like with our craft beer industry, we can have a robust cannabis scene, which can boost tourism and bring in much-needed revenue.

That's revenue we can use to help combat the opioid epidemic and educate our kids on the dangers of using drugs and alcohol at an early age.

We have an amazing chance to be one of the first New England states with a fully tax and regulated market, and I believe we should take that opportunity. We also should work to expunge previous cannabis convictions, along with revamping our medical cannabis programs to make it easier for patients to access.

Improve access to childcare.

Finding childcare is a very hard task at this point, with too few providers. Access to affordable, high-quality childcare is good for our families, our economy, and the long-term health and learning of our children.

Ensure reproductive freedom.

I am very pro-choice. Places like Planned Parenthood provide great care and help many people. All Vermonters should have access to reproductive healthcare.

Reduce property taxes.

Property taxes are too high, and it’s time we do something about it. Most aren’t paying their fair share, and Vermonters on fixed incomes have to do most of the heavy lifting.

I think it is time to shift school taxes to an income tax. Most people agree this would be a better option and make the process more straightforward. I would push for a bill that extends “income-sensitivity” to all Vermont homeowners.

This change would mean everyone would pay based on income. Income-sensitivity limits the school tax bill for the great majority of Vermonters to about 3% of income. Under our current system, the wealthy pay as little as 0.6% of their income for the school tax, while the working class has to pay most of the bill. When we extend income-sensitivity to all homeowners we raise money from those who can best afford it. That allows us to reduce property taxes for households earning less than $200,000, which in turn would help a vast majority of Franklin County.

Invest in local education.

I benefited very much from my time at Fairfield because of the 1-1 attention I received. Our communities know what our schools need, not the state, and we must maintain direct local control in school planning and governance. We need to protect smaller schools in our county, as they have a huge impact on low-income families and provide some of the best education.

Investing in schools is investing in the heart of our communities. With a progressive tax system that ensures corporations and wealthy are paying their fair share, we can reduce the tax burden related to education, while also making it possible to have the best schools in the state.

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